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Members Rides



  Name Make / Model Year Tell us about your ride Picture of My Ride
Stan Galewski MGB GT 1971 Stock except for the Minilite wheels. These were all built in the UK 1965-1980 http://padmec.com.au/tmp/mgb gt sept13_2_57035f98480e2.jpg
Michael Pratt Holden Torana 1978 LX Hatchback http://padmec.com.au/tmp/show n go_570364f73e0e5.jpg
Scott Cleary Holden VL Commodore 1987 Original Ex SA Police Interceptor http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/665913_301316546644004_1657040327_o_570337fc60039_571d5c0cda27a.jpg
Michael Pratt Maserati Indy 1971 Only 1038 cars were made, 1 of only 170 in right hand drive. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/1_571d7539818d9.jpg
Michael Walker Pitbull 2002 My 2002 BigDog Pitbull with rigid frame http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/dsc_2809-hdr_57287ae5417ee.jpg
Martin 67 Ford GT40 Replica 2015 302 Tickford V8,Porsche 930 Gearbox 4 years labour http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/imag0273_572d15bc602bf.jpg
Stan Galewski MGA Roadster 1961 Restored to original specs with a little extra under bonet tuning. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/mga cape bridgewater_2_57395a2091a5c.jpg
Greg Leaver Triumph T120 650 Motorcycle 1972 Well restored to original specs. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/bonny_574d3e762cada.png
Paul Buchanan EH Holden 1963 Fully engineered with 350 Chev, TH350 and 9 inch. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/996108_10152618362892053_3356224970372263064_n_5769ece3590d8.jpg
Brian Lineker Porsche 928 1979 Porsche 928 V8 300hp http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/wallpaper_579736713cbdd.jpg
Adam Sullivan EH Holden S/Wagon 1964 202 red motor, mild cam, high comp 173 head, twin strom carbs, 3 speed column shift (crunch box). http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/eh_579b103ae1f8c.jpg
Stuart Marra Holden VC Commodore 1980 Commodore L, Factory L36 motor, 4 Barrel carburetor, M20 gearbox, 4 wheel disks brakes. I bought this car with just over 78,000 km on the clock and im the second registored owner. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/fb_img_1432297567781_588fe79310f09.jpg
Pagey Holden Kingswood 1969 186s, powerglide http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/img_1305_592c195fa20dd.jpg
Pagey Holden Sl Commodore 1982 V8 auto 68000kms http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/img_1621_592c1a1381a9c.jpg
Kevin Donovan Holden EH Special 1963 202 red motor, stock. Original 3 speed box, only syncro in 3rd, Original interior. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/153_59f84d6856836.jpg
Kevin Donovan Ford RS2000 1979 2nd owner. complete refurbish. 2000lt Pinto. 2 x 45mm webers. http://padmec.com.au/images/membersrides/img_2511_59f8503fdb47d.jpg
Michael Pratt Ford Mustang Cobra 2002 Australian delivered, Tickford converted and sold through Ford Dealers http://padmec.com.au/images/Members/2_5c7510aebf737.jpg
Michael Pratt Ford Mustang Cobra 2002 Ford Australia delivered mustang. http://padmec.com.au/images/Members/2_5cac26f444515.jpg
Michael Pratt Maserati Indy 1971 One of two hundred RHD http://padmec.com.au/images/Members/mas-mer_5cac287d9630e.jpg
Michael Pratt Maserati Ghibli 1995 Racing at Port Lincoln http://padmec.com.au/images/Members/fb_img_1522791120605_5cac28e54a42b.jpg


Portland & District Motoring Enthusiasts Club is a club that embraces all forms of motoring.

Our club has a strong sense of community involvement & support. Annually we host "Portland Show N Go", an event where we aim to raise money for our community via our enjoyment of our vehicles.

Our membership has a diverse collection of vehicles ranging from Aussie icons to Russian motorcycles to European gems, the variety is amazing.

Portland and District Motoring Enthusiasts Club Inc.