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If you are applying for a Club Permit, you need to be familiar with our CPS Application Procedure.

You can download and read it here - CPS Application Procedure

This procedure applies to both Bikes and Cars.

CPS application forms can be collected from the Vicroads Office or downloaded from the links below.

Club Permit Application Form

Vehicle Eligibility Declaration

Please continue to the Bike or Car section below this menu.


Portland & District Motoring Enthusiasts Club is a club that embraces all forms of motoring.

Our club has a strong sense of community involvement & support. Annually we host "Portland Show N Go", an event where we aim to raise money for our community via our enjoyment of our vehicles.

Our membership has a diverse collection of vehicles ranging from Aussie icons to Russian motorcycles to European gems, the variety is amazing.

Portland and District Motoring Enthusiasts Club Inc.